Lufthansa, weakened by the Corona crisis, is phasing out the training of new pilots at the commercial aviation school in Bremen.

The 700 flight students were urged to find a new career path.

A spokesman for the school operator Lufthansa Aviation Training justified the appeal that there would be no need for young pilots at the group airlines for years to come.

However, the LAT feels obliged to continue the training that has been interrupted for months if the students insist on it.

Those who are about to take their final exams will be trained themselves.

For the rest, they are looking for places at other flight schools, the spokesman announced.

Lufthansa cannot guarantee a takeover.

Therefore, after five years, the students would still have to repay advance payments made by the group between 60,000 and 80,000 euros.

Up until now, the training at the school was largely associated with taking on one of the well-paid pilot positions at Lufthansa.

The pilots' union Vereinigung Cockpit asked the LAT to carry out the training of all flight students themselves, as promised.

In times of crisis it makes no sense to commission external service providers to do this.

According to the VC, around 170 of the 700 students are about to graduate.

According to information from the works council, it will not be decided until November whether the commercial aviation school founded in 1956 at Bremen Airport with around 150 employees has a future.

The Bundeswehr is then likely to make a decision as to whether its pilots will continue to be trained in Bremen.

The works council fears that operations will be relocated to Rostock-Laage.