Air France-KLM opposes new CO2 taxes on airline tickets.

Society says those taxes are counterproductive and cause serious problems for the industry.

The French government wants to increase the environmental tax on tickets and the European Union also has plans for new green taxes.

CEO Ben Smith states that these measures do not lead to the intended reduction in CO2 emissions.

"They are hitting a hole in financial resources that we could otherwise invest in environmental projects."

The EU aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 55 percent of 1990 levels over the next ten years. Previously, the target was a 40 percent reduction.

The French government wants a CO2 tax of EUR 30 on short flights and EUR 400 on long flights.

A maximum of 18 euros is now charged.

Smith sees more in the introduction of minimum prices for airline tickets, but that measure is in turn bad for budget airlines.