Now that the peak season for showmen has come to an end, the balance can be taken.

According to Atze Lubach of the interest group Bovak, about a quarter of the normal number of fairs has continued, he says in conversation with

The good news is that there are cities and villages where merry-go-rounds and bumper cars are allowed to do their rounds in the autumn.

The fact that a large part of the fairs were not allowed to take place, according to Lubach, is due to the arbitrariness of municipalities.

"Sometimes we don't know a week in advance whether an event can go ahead," says the Bovak chairman.

According to him, this nagging uncertainty is even worse than all the lost sales in recent months.

"You can see that at local authorities a lot of decisions are made on the basis of gut feeling and arbitrariness."

While carnivals are not a corona fire, according to him.

But now there are also municipalities that welcome the fair in the autumn.

"In fact, there have been fairs that were not there before. We therefore hope to achieve some extra turnover in the coming weeks. Even though it is out of proportion to the lost income of recent times."

Many have a job on the truck

Although the financial consequences of the corona crisis are great, Lubach does not feel that many operators will stop.

"I do hear that many entrepreneurs have a new job. Fair owners obviously have a truck driver's license and some use it to transport beets, now that the beet campaign has started again. And many entrepreneurs will soon be selling oliebollen again."

The cabinet's third corona support package includes a subsidy of more than 10 million euros for the fairground sector.

It is not yet clear what exactly this arrangement will look like.

It is also unclear whether this money will go entirely to the fairground sector, or whether it should share it with, among others, the festival sector, which has also been hit hard.

Early next year will be a difficult time, Lubach thinks.

In the first months of the year, fairground operators have their rides serviced and are therefore expensive.

But what the fairground season will look like in 2021 is still completely unclear and that uncertainty will not end for the time being.