The Lufthansa airline will reduce the number of pilot jobs from the current 5,000 to approximately 3,900 jobs.

A spokesperson for the company confirms this after reporting from

Der Spiegel


The decision is a result of the ongoing malaise in aviation.

Initially, Lufthansa hoped that the number of bookings would pick up again in the course of the autumn.

However, this growth has failed to materialize.

Earlier this week it became clear that the Germans are therefore taking additional austerity measures.

For example, the airline is cutting the number of aircraft, which will be reduced from 800 to 650 in the coming years.

This also has consequences for the pilots.

The company wants to scrap 1,100 of its 5,000 pilot jobs by 2022.

Lufthansa mainly focuses on part-time work and early retirement.

It is currently in consultation with employee representatives to reach an agreement.

Last month, the German company and union VC reached an agreement about lowering the compensation for pilots.

In return, the company would not fire pilots until March 2021. At that time, Lufthansa indicated that it was looking further for a solution to the surplus of pilots for the longer term.