Airlines as well as travel organizations are continuing their efforts to entice consumers to book a trip.

For example, Ryanair announced on Thursday that customers will receive a ticket as a gift when booking a ticket.

KLM previously announced that consumers who book a trip with a departure somewhere between now and the end of March next year, can cancel it at any time and without giving a reason.

They will then receive a voucher that they can exchange for another ticket or money.

Tour operator Sunweb announced on Thursday that people can also get their money back immediately if they have booked a trip to a destination that turns 'orange' or 'red' within two weeks before departure.

Until now, travel organizations have initially offered a voucher where appropriate.

"Some consumers already have a voucher from the spring break, one from the May vacation and a voucher from the summer vacation. You may wonder whether people are prepared to book a voucher again, so to speak", explains a spokesperson for travel industry organization ANVR. Sunweb.

"The consumer has lost a lot of confidence."

Ryanair deal valid until midnight

KLM states that many people want to travel, but are reluctant to book.

"Due to the uncertain times and the constantly changing travel advice."

Consumers who already have a ticket or voucher from KLM can still exchange it for a voucher that can also be used to request money back.

"We expect this extra security and flexibility to give consumers the confidence to book and fly again."

Ryanair's deal has a very short duration - until midnight - and applies to travel between now and mid-December.

According to the Irish price fighter, it is the first time that the company is holding a promotion in which tickets are 'given away'.