More than four thousand inhabitants of Bali are testing at the request of the government whether the corona protocols that have been drawn up for tourism actually work in practice, it was announced on Thursday.

The test is also intended to promote tourism on the Indonesian island.

Tourism in Indonesia was completely shut down in April.

The country is highly dependent on tourism revenues.

Since July, Indonesians have been allowed to go on holiday in their own country again, but foreigners are not yet welcome.

Meanwhile, the number of corona infections in the country is rising again.

According to the Indonesian Tourism Bureau, 4,440 participants in the tourism test will be divided into 12 groups.

In the period between October 7 and November 27, they will spend two nights per group in different resorts to test the corona measures in practice.

Local trips are also undertaken and participants are expected to make videos of these and share them on social media.

Last year, 10 million tourists visited Bali, 6.3 million of them foreigners.