The Tax and Customs Administration refuses to compensate municipalities financially for the aid to duped citizens of the benefits affair.

Earlier promises to do this have been withdrawn,



RTL Nieuws report

Tuesday based on internal documents.

"Many of our residents are in serious trouble as a result of the actions of the Tax Authorities. We would rather help them today than tomorrow, but the Tax Authorities refuse to accommodate municipalities for this", says alderman Peter Heijkoop from Dordrecht on behalf of the Association of Dutch. Municipalities (VNG) in



Heijkoop emphasizes in conversation with

RTL Nieuws

that there is "no progress at all".

"That's why we are now ringing the alarm," he says.

State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen (Finance) reported last month that the compensation of a large part of the victims of the benefits affair will take longer than initially expected.

The intention was that a large number of parents would be reassessed in September, but in practice, according to Van Huffelen, it has turned out that it takes much longer to process cases.

Many thousands of parents are still waiting for compensation

The first group of 108 parents were paid in July.

Many thousands are still waiting for that compensation.

In total, this involves an amount of between 4 and 7 million euros.

On Thursday there will be another consultation between the VNG and Van Huffelen.

The benefits affair revolves around the actions of the tax authorities, who harmed parents by wrongfully ending the childcare benefit.

Presumably thousands of parents were wrongly identified as fraudsters.

Among other things, they were more strictly controlled if they had dual nationality.