The Verdi union has brought warning strikes into the public service.

If the employers do not submit an offer in the current collective bargaining by this Sunday, the union will call for a labor dispute, said Verdi boss Frank Werneke.

On this day, the trade unions and local employers as well as the federal government continue their collective bargaining for more than 2.5 million employees.

On Saturday there were internal consultations with employers that lasted for hours.

"If they are still unable to make an offer, then that is a very bad development for the further course of the collective bargaining round."

Even the head of the dbb civil servants' association, Ulrich Silberbach, had not ruled out warning strikes in daycare centers and care facilities if there was no offer from the employer this weekend.

The unions are demanding 4.8 percent more wages.

The employees are to be guaranteed at least 150 euros more per month.

They demand a term of twelve months, the municipal employers want a longer term.

The municipalities have nothing to distribute because of the Corona crisis.

Negotiations are carried out directly for 2.3 million employees.

According to the unions, the result should be transferred to the more than 200,000 civil servants.

The second round of negotiations is due to end this Sunday, the third is scheduled for October 22nd and 23rd.