Beer brewer Heineken is venturing into a completely different type of drink than the traditional beer.

In Mexico and New Zealand, it is being investigated whether the company can also handle hard seltzer, a drink that is extremely popular in the US, Heineken announced on Thursday.

According to a company spokesman, Mexico was chosen because the country is one of Heineken's largest markets.

New Zealand was chosen because it is an interesting market.

Hard seltzer is a mix of mineral water, fruit flavor and 5 percent alcohol.

In terms of alcohol content, it is comparable to beer and cider, the only other product Heineken has marketed so far besides beer.

If the drink is well received in the aforementioned countries, it is expected that it will be introduced worldwide - and therefore also in Europe and the Netherlands.

Heineken markets it under the name Pure Piraña.

Initially nine different flavors are introduced.

"Heineken can test what is locally appreciated and investigate the potential," says the brewer.

According to the group, hard seltzer meets consumer demand for low-calorie alcoholic drinks.