Schiphol CEO Dick Benschop hopes that countries can make agreements about testing for corona in the countries where travelers come from. Just like travelers are checked by security for safety risks before boarding the plane.

Benschop said this in an explanation of the airport's half-year figures, which were presented on Friday. "We are working hard for an exit test," said the Schiphol CEO, who sees testing as the solution for refloating air traffic and, in its wake, the economy.

"We believe that more should be done in terms of international coordination about which travel advice countries receive, about quarantine measures and testing regimes," said Benschop. "In the first phase we were talking about improvisation, but now we know that we will be in this situation for months."

At present, travelers from risk areas can undergo a test on a voluntary basis at Schiphol, but that test capacity is limited in terms of both numbers and time. "Choices are made based on risks. These tests show that only a limited number of people are tested positive. We also hope that the capacity can be increased."

If every traveler can be tested before departure, with an internationally recognized test and proof thereof in his pocket, other measures can be phased out, according to Benschop. "Such as quarantine measures." This has advantages for the traveler as well as for aviation as a whole and therefore the economy. "Ultimately, we have to reverse the process."