Thanks to the warm weather during the holiday season, it is a great time for the ice cream parlors. These weeks are making up for a lot, but according to the Association of Craft Ice Center (VAI), the season has not been saved yet.

"Thanks to the beautiful weather and because it is also a holiday, we are coming a long way in making up for the year", says Teun Loonen of the VAI. As a result of the empty streets at the beginning of the spring, turnover fell sharply.

"We have to earn it in the spring and summer for the whole year", Loonen explains. Some ice cream parlors were not covered by the lockdown measures, but the branches with a seating area did. "The streets were empty, so we advised all members to close temporarily."

The ice cream parlors with a seating area again have to deal with extra measures. "We have again drawn up a new protocol that has been in force since this week in connection with the registration requirement." The ice cream industry fully understands the measures. "But ice is an impulse product", says the VAI chairman.

The next trend is vegan ice cream

In addition, it is all hands on deck, but the rules must also be taken into account. "You cannot stand behind the display case with many staff at the same time." According to Loonen, this has resulted in even longer queues for the ice cream parlors.

In the first period after the lockdown, many artisan ice cream makers turned to the sale of home ice cream. They do that less now because of the peak activity in the salons. They are, however, preparing for the next trend: vegan ice cream. "We expect a lasting trend after the corona period."

The Netherlands has about a thousand artisan ice cream parlors.