The beach clubs on the North Sea coast have had an "exceptionally busy weekend". If the weather remains nice for the rest of the month, some of the time will even be able to break even this year. That says the Dutch Association of Beach Operators North Sea Beach (NVSN).

"It was very busy on the beaches," says Stephan van der Stee on behalf of the association against According to him, the beach tents also benefit from this, although those advantages are relatively less than on terraces in inner cities. "Not all beach visitors have a drink on the terrace and people often leave after one drink. On other terraces people drink an extra drink as the evening progresses, at a beach tent this is less so."

Still, according to him, this was an exceptionally busy weekend. "You can't have more sales than this," he says. But whether it compensates for the turnover that the beach bars lost because of the corona crisis? "No, you cannot make up for that lost turnover. Celebrations and parties all over the coast account for at least a third of the entire turnover, and the beach bars are now completely missing. In addition, they were closed at Easter and Ascension Day, you cannot do that. compensate in one weekend. "

Nevertheless, Van der Stee thinks that if the weather remains nice for the rest of the month, some of the beach clubs will be able to break even this year. It concerns the beach bars that mainly run on day trippers. However, there are beach clubs that depend for 70 percent of their turnover on parties and parties and according to Van der Stee those things will still be difficult this year.