Thanks to a record number of hours of sunshine, homeowners with solar panels on their roof recorded 37 percent more income than average, Essent reports Thursday. According to the energy company, that amounts to about 100 euros more than is normally the case.

According to data from Weeronline, the sun shone an average of 1,158 hours during the first six months of this year, where 864 hours is common. As a result, the average yield of solar panels per owner rose to 377.55 euros, Essent said.

The sun shone most at 325 hours in May, followed by the months of April and June. In addition, at the peak of the corona crisis, there was hardly any flying, which in clear weather provided clear air and thus more yield.

The first half of 2020 was also characterized by large regional differences. Zeeland scored 169 hours of sunshine more than Drenthe, so solar panels generated an average of 53 euros more income there.