American fast food chain McDonald's has seen comparable sales fall by nearly 24 percent in the past quarter, McDonald's reports Tuesday in its quarterly results. Due to the lockdown measures, a large part of the stores were closed and the fast food chain relied more on drive-throughs and delivery options.

The damage from the corona crisis was smallest in the United States, where comparable sales decreased 8.7 percent compared to the same period last year. Corona damage is therefore considerably smaller than in other markets: in other Western countries outside the US, such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Canada, comparable sales fell by no less than 41.4 percent. In emerging economies, these sales were 24.4 percent lower.

The reason for the big difference is the large number of drive-throughs in the US, says financial director Kevin Ozan in conversation with CNBC . "Markets with many drive-throughs and delivery options can recover faster from the corona slap," said Ozan. 96 percent of U.S. locations have a drive-through or a way to deliver a Happy Meal.

With that knowledge in hand, McDonald's will focus more on promoting delivery options in the current six months. The fast food chain says it spent 70 percent less on advertising in the second quarter, money they want to use in the coming months.