The influence of the corona outbreak on the results of car manufacturer Tesla has been limited. Turnover fell slightly, while profit even improved strongly, according to the second-quarter figures published on Wednesday after trading.

Production was considerably lower than in the previous quarters, because the company had to partly shut down its production. As a result, Tesla built 82,272 cars in the second quarter. In the two quarters before that number was always above 100,000. Despite this, CEO Elon Musk is convinced that his company can build half a million cars this year, even though the counter is still below 200,000 halfway through.

The car manufacturer does have concrete plans to expand its production capacity. For example, work is underway to expand the factory in Shanghai, and the production facility in Berlin is also planned. At the presentation of the figures, Musk also announced that a new factory will be built in the American city of Austin (Texas).

Despite the costs of stopping production at the factory in Fremont, USA, Tesla again made a profit, converted almost 90 million euros. It was the fourth quarter in a row that profit was made. Extra striking because Tesla often made significant losses in the past. Sales were 5 percent lower, at $ 6.04 billion.