The ex-Wirecard board member Jan Marsalek has fled to Russia, according to a newspaper report. As reported by the Handelsblatt , citing entrepreneurial, judicial and diplomatic circles, the manager, who has been in hiding for weeks, is housed on a property west of Moscow under the supervision of the Russian military secret service GRU. Previously, Marsalek had made significant sums of bitcoins from Dubai to Russia.

As reported by the Handelsblatt referring to the investigative platform Bellingcat , Marsalek flew from Klagenfurt via the Estonian capital Tallinnin's Belarusian Minsk on the day of his exemption. Because of the political conflict between the Russian leadership and Belarus' head of state Alexander Lukashenko, it was too risky for the GRU to leave Marsalek in the neighboring country. That is why he was brought on to Russia.

Auchder Mirror had reported Marsalek could stay in Belarus or Russia. The Russian entry and exit register, which also includes neighboring Belarus, was found for Marsalek at Wirecard just hours after his exemption. Accordingly, Marsalek entered the airport in the capital Minsk. Marsalek's return to the country has not been recorded so far, which indicates that Marsalek is still in Russia or Belarus. According to Spiegel , the findings support the thesis that Marsalek had cooperated with Russian secret services or worked for them.

Marsalek was suspected in Asia

So far, it was suspected that the manager was more submerged in Asia. The payment service provider Wirecard admitted in June that the annual balance sheet lacked 1.9 billion euros and that the money probably does not even exist. The share price of the Dax group crashed, the company filed for bankruptcy.

Marsalek was responsible for the Asian business of the Dax group, which is at the center of the scandal. He's been in hiding for weeks. After the balance hole became known, a debate broke out in Germany about the omissions of authorities and auditors, which the counterfeiting of accounts had long been hidden. In the case, the public prosecutor's office in Munich I.