Cruise company Holland America Line (HAL) sells four of its ships, the cruises planned with these sailing hotels are being canceled. Some of these will still be sailed with other ships from the fleet of the originally Dutch company.

The ships that are sold are the Amsterdam, Maasdam, Rotterdam and Veendam, HAL has stated. It is not disclosed to whom they have been sold.

"It is always difficult to see a ship leaving the fleet, especially those that have a long and storied history with our company," said HAL CEO Stein Kruse. Cruise ships made the headlines early in the corona crisis as infections were discovered on board and in a number of cases ships were not allowed to dock anywhere.

That also affected ships of the Holland America Line. According to HAL, the total capacity of the shipping company remains reasonably stable with the arrival of new ships.

HAL, which originated as a society that brought Dutch emigrants across the ocean to America, has been naming the ships to Dutch cities for many years. The Maasdam, which is now said goodbye, is the fourth ship with that name, the Veendam has already passed three times before, the Amsterdam a total of three times.

A ship was named a total of six times to Rotterdam, formerly home to HAL. The first is in Rotterdam and serves as a ship that can be hired for dinners and events.

People who had booked a cruise on one of the ships leaving now will be notified about the alternatives. They can also get their money back.