Supermarket chain Jumbo has had a good first half year. The supermarket group saw consumer turnover increase by more than 14 percent to 5.1 billion euros, the company reports Tuesday. That is an increase of 634 million euros compared to a year earlier. The restaurant branch of the Jumbo, the La Place, is not doing so well.

Jumbo points to the corona crisis as the reason for the strong increase in turnover. Because of the corona outbreak, more people were at home, causing them to spend more in supermarkets. Online sales also went up due to the corona crisis: online turnover increased by 50 percent compared to the first half of 2019.

The supermarket chain has been on the rise for some time, so it will expand considerably in the coming period. In the Netherlands and Belgium, 25 physical branches will be opened this year and a so-called third e-fulfillment center (EFC) will be launched in Bleiswijk for online shopping. The third EFC is accompanied by a growth of thousands of jobs, says Jumbo. This would bring the number of Jumbo employees to 100,000 at the end of the year, according to the chain.

Where the corona crisis is driving turnover at supermarkets, it has negative consequences for restaurant formula La Place. Turnover was 33 million euros, less than half of last year's turnover, when La Place still had 82 million turnover. In addition to the corona measures, the closure of twelve Hudson Bay branches also plays tricks on the restaurant branch.

Jumbo announced on Monday that 23 La Place branches will no longer open and will remain permanently closed. The formula is being adapted and the locations concerned would not be profitable in the new concept. The closure means that 480 jobs are at stake.