In the first version of the NOW scheme, the government gave more than 300 million euros in wage support to airline KLM. This is evident on Friday from a list of the UWV with companies that appealed to the scheme. The rest of aviation, as well as employment agencies, football clubs, caterers and public transport companies, have received many millions in wage support.

With the list, which has 2,048 pages, the cabinet wants to be transparent to the taxpayer, because the temporary Emergency Measure Bridging Employment (NOW) is paid from public money. It is still an advance on the scheme. The benefits agency emphasizes that this is a snapshot, it is possible that employers may still want to withdraw the NOW application.

In addition to the hundreds of millions of support for KLM, KLM subsidiary Transavia has received 24.2 million euros. TUI and Corendon received 18 and 1.9 million respectively. The Dutch branch of the British easyJet received 2.8 million euros.

In addition to air carriers, ground carriers also received significant support. Rail company NS received more than 70 million in the first version of the NOW scheme. The Amsterdam public transport company GVB, known for the trams, metro and ferries, received 24.5 million in wages costs. Connexxion, Arriva and HTM received 10, 7 and 4.8 million in support for employee wages, respectively.

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