In May, retail sales in the Netherlands turned 8.2 percent more turnover compared to the same month a year earlier. This was the largest growth since 2006. Do-it-yourself stores in particular generated more turnover, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reported on Wednesday.

Furniture stores, electronics stores and leisure equipment sales also saw sales increase. Kitchen shops and floor specialists also did good business last month.

Earlier this month, ABN AMRO noted the same with regard to retail.

Drugstores kept damage down in May, while clothing and shoe stores had another bad month. However, the loss of turnover in May was less than in April.

Just as in April, online retail sales were significantly higher in May, at 49.5 percent plus than a year earlier. Stores that have stores but also sell online reported 64.8 percent more online sales. The real online stores recorded 38.7 percent more turnover last month.

Total sales volume in May was 5.9 percent higher than a year earlier.