Supermarket chain Jumbo is not interested in a possible takeover of HEMA. That says the supermarket chain to De Telegraaf . The chain does want to keep the cooperation with HEMA alive.

"We are very interested in the future of Hema, but certainly not as the owner. We follow the situation with great interest," CFO Ton van Veen told De Telegraaf . The CFO also speaks of a "fruitful cooperation" with HEMA.

Jumbo would have been mentioned as a potential interested party in the acquisition of HEMA. Van Veen tells De Telegraaf not to know where these rumors came from.

The supermarket chain has been working with HEMA since November 2019. De Jumbo has taken over several properties from the company to convert them into supermarkets. HEMA items are also sold in various branches of the supermarket chain.

Last Monday, it was announced that HEMA's department stores will be fully owned by a group of creditors. The company has almost 800 million euros in loans outstanding. These debts come from the past when HEMA was owned by a British investment company.

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