Despite the fact that the catering industry was still closed in May, beer sales did pick up considerably compared to the months before. In May, the decline in beer sales compared to a year earlier was limited to 7 percent.

This is evident from figures published by the Dutch Brewers on Monday. In March, when the hospitality industry closed abruptly in the middle of the month, the decline was 36 percent and in April it was 32 percent.

"In contrast to April, we see an increase in home consumption in May," said the joint brewers. "But this still does not make up for the great loss of beer sales in the catering industry."

According to the trade association, exports are also hit hard. “Dutch beer brewers are the fourth largest beer exporter in the world. The figures show that global Covid-19 measures caused exports to drop 40 percent in May. ”

In 2019, 56 percent of total Dutch beer production was exported. "It is expected that in the future exports will continue to suffer from the restrictions in the catering and events that will not continue."

Major brewers such as Heineken and AB InBev previously indicated that the sales volume in the catering industry meant that the volume sold was about 30 percent lower.