Many users assume that their data will not be collected if they activate the "incognito mode" in their browser. But it is precisely because of this mode that Google is now being sued: A group of US consumers accuses the company in a potential class action lawsuit without collecting data about their behavior on the Internet. So far, there are only three plaintiffs who each want to raise at least $ 5,000. The law firm that it represents, however, assumes millions of victims - which could amount to a billion claims in a class action lawsuit.

According to the complaint, which was filed with the Federal Court in San Jose, California on Tuesday, the company is collecting data from Internet users via Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and other applications, as well as website plug-ins and smartphone apps. Google should not participate in the covert and unauthorized collection of data from virtually all Americans using a computer or phone, the indictment says.

With information about users' surfing habits, Google can draw conclusions about friends, hobbies, favorite foods, shopping habits - including the "most intimate and potentially embarrassing things" when someone searches for them online. With the data, Google is able to place customized advertising.

Google spokesman Jose Castaneda announced that the company will take vigorous action against the allegations. "We clearly state every time a new incognito tab is opened that websites may collect information about browser activity," he said. The function is just about not storing any data on the device or in the browser.