The German government has yet to reach an agreement with the European Commission on state aid to airline Lufthansa, the group reports Saturday. Last week there was already a deal on the support, but the Lufthansa Supervisory Board went for it, because the package received no support from Brussels.

The framework of the previous agreement remains: Lufthansa receives 9 billion euros, while the German government gets a 20 percent stake in the group.

The terms of the deal have been adjusted. For example, Lufthansa has to hand over a small portion of the take-off and landing rights in Frankfurt and Munich to competitors who are not yet flying from the two airports. They have eighteen months to subscribe to this. Lufthansa may also have eight fewer aircraft together on Frankfurt and Munich.

Furthermore, the company will have to retire part of its older fleet and replace it with more modern aircraft that emit less.

The Lufthansa management has already announced that it supports the German-European agreement. Only the shareholders have yet to give the green light. They are given the opportunity to do so at an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders. It is not yet known when this will follow.