At the logistics group UPS in Langenhagen near Hanover, 72 employees at the distribution center were infected with the corona virus. This was announced by the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Hanover region. According to current knowledge, parcel deliverers are not affected. Consignments could therefore be received without risk.

As a precaution, the health department had 80 additional employees tested on Tuesday. The test was negative in 55 of them. They should now be tested again.

As the authorities said, Covid 19 cases in a daycare center and a school in Hanover are related to the infection process at UPS. Families with a professional connection to the company were asked to be vigilant about any symptoms of illness. 

According to official information, there was an infection in mid-May and then new cases followed. On May 18, health officials and companies identified the affected departments.

Masks have been mandatory on the company premises since mid-May. Now the hygiene measures have been checked again.