The emergency hospitals that were set up in the Ahoy and Maastricht MECC in Rotterdam in late March and early April have not yet been paid. It is still unclear who will take the bill of 14 million euros, according to an investigation by Investico Journalism Investigative Platform on Saturday .

The two emergency hospitals were quickly set up for patients who were too ill to stay at home, but where the disease was not serious enough to require intensive care. The emergency hospitals were intended to relieve hospitals in the region during the coronavirus outbreak. Ultimately, neither patient had a patient in either emergency hospital.

What remains is the bill of 14 million euros. On March 17, health insurers set one condition for unforeseen corona care as emergency hospitals: green light from the Regional Consultation Acute Care Chain (Roaz). However, that light remained on red. In both Rotterdam and Maastricht, Roaz did not agree with the construction of the emergency hospitals.

A member of Roaz Zuid-Limburg calls the decision to convert event hall MECC "a surprise". "We would agree on capacity. I think I should have known," said Roaz member Jack Jansen to Investico .

In Rotterdam, the plan was discussed at the healthcare consultation, but was never approved. Investico writes that when the decision to convert Ahoy was taken into account, the municipality had already paid the rent for Ahoy because of the canceled Eurovision Song Contest. Images of crowded hospitals in Italy are also said to have played a role. The security region has advanced the amount of 9 million euros for the conversion of Ahoy, but hopes to get this money back from the government, or to still collect it from insurers.

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