Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) expects that 65 percent of the catering establishments that are allowed to open their doors again from 1 June will actually do so. However, it will not be profitable for the vast majority of entrepreneurs because of the strict measures.

"It is not profitable for about 85 percent of the entrepreneurs, because a maximum of one third of their usual turnover is feasible. Nevertheless, we hear signals from our supporters that many entrepreneurs will at least try", says Dirk Beljaarts, director of KHN to NU.nl.

According to Beljaarts, many cafes and restaurants, when they were closed, have already made preparations in areas such as stickers and hygiene. "A maximum of thirty guests can enter, but because of the strict measures, that will not even be feasible for many things."

For example, everyone must keep 1.5 meters away, but an exception is made for people from the same household and people who come in pairs. They may sit together at a table.

Beljaarts emphasizes that 1 June will prove to be too late for many entrepreneurs. "Of course we are happy that we can receive our guests again sparsely. However, I would like to insist that many will go bankrupt; the need for many entrepreneurs is simply too high after all these weeks."

He also calls the first aid package inadequate: "The focus should be on a long-term recovery plan. Ensure that measures are taken to ensure that entrepreneurs can keep their credit, promote tourism and reduce the VAT rate to stimulate purchasing power. "

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