Irish prize fighter Ryanair is one of the biggest customers of the troubled Boeing 737 MAX. The airline would initially add the first aircraft to the fleet in April 2019, but is now expected to happen in October at the earliest.

Ryanair said this on Monday when the annual figures for the broken financial year were announced. The Boeing 737 MAX has been grounded worldwide since March last year, after two aircraft of this type crashed, killing all passengers.

After the second crash in a short time, governments decided to stop flying the plane and the new aircraft ordered from Boeing were no longer delivered. According to Ryanair, aircraft manufacturer Boeing thinks that the 737 MAX may fly again in the US at the end of the summer.

"We remain a fan of and committed to this aircraft that will change the industry," said Ryanair. The MAX in the configuration as ordered by Ryanair has 4 percent more seats on board and consumes 16 percent less fuel than the current 737s.

In connection with the corona crisis, Ryanair wants to reduce the number of aircraft ordered. The company says it is discussing this with Boeing. Ryanair has ordered two hundred Boeing 737 MAX-200 aircraft, with an option on an additional 75 of these aircraft.