The Tax and Customs Administration received more than 9.3 million tax returns between March 1 and May 1. On the last day, a record number of 347,000 reports was received, according to the ficus Saturday.

The number of returns is slightly lower than in 2019, when the Tax and Customs Administration processed no less than 9.5 million returns, a record number.

Before April 1, 6 million people had already filed their returns. About 1.3 million of them have now been notified of their provisional and final attacks. The Tax and Customs Administration hopes to send a message to the rest of the group before 1 July.

There are more people this year who received a postponement. Last year it was still 2.7 million people. The increase may be due to the adjusted public campaign. Due to the corona crisis, the possibility of applying for postponement was more emphatically pointed out.

It was a "special tax return period", says Liane Vlaskamp, ​​General Manager of the Tax and Customs Administration. "Unfortunately, because of the corona measures, we have not yet been able to personally help the people who really need help with reporting. Hopefully this will be possible again soon. We have met these people where necessary."