Thijs van der Heide, the top man of the online platform RUMAG, will resign immediately. The decision was made after a fuss about a controversial clothing line and a week of negative publicity.

The reason for the fuss came after criticism in an item from Zondag met Lubach . RUMAG was accused of making money from T-shirts of the Red Cross. CEO Thijs van der Heide certainly denied the allegations, but the storm of criticism did not pass.

A recent plagiarism issue, in which the company sold merchandise with the term 'joe joe', coined by radio DJ Bram Krikke, eventually killed him.

"A lot has happened and a lot has been said in the past period," says Van der Heide according to the AD . "During this period, I misjudged the impact of some statements. In the interest of RUMAG, in the interest of the employees I care about and the future of the company, I have decided in consultation with the management to act as CEO. "

The company writes that the decision was taken in close consultation. Ferdi Buijsrogge has been appointed as the new CEO of the online platform.