A quarter of all civil servants work at the Tax Authorities, but in 2018 the service accounted for nearly half of the dismissals. The Financieele Dagblad ( FD ) writes this on Friday, among other things based on figures from the Ministry of Finance, which includes the Tax Authorities.

Dismissal is the most severe employment law sanction that the government can apply that is applied in the event of breaches of integrity, after which employees are not entitled to benefits. 71 officials were confronted with the measure in 2018, 31 of which were borne by the tax authorities.

Last year, thirty employees were fired at the tax authorities. "Although there are no figures for the entire civil service for 2019, it is very likely that the tax authorities will be overrepresented," FD writes. "The total number of dismissals as a disciplinary punishment at the civil service has been steadily falling since 2014."

The trade unions believe that the Tax and Customs Administration imposes a penalty too quickly if employees make a mistake.