The share of The Walt Disney Company in the aftermarket trade increased by 2 percent on Tuesday evening after the publication of the first quarterly figures of this financial year. The company announced that Disney + streaming platform almost doubled the number of paying subscribers since its launch to 28.6 million.

Shortly after the start in mid-November, that number was around 10 million people. The launch was far from flawless, because many users had difficulty connecting to the streaming platform.

The company expects to attract many more users in the near future, as Disney + is rolled out in India on March 29. Another streaming platform from The Walt Disney Company, Hulu, now has 30.7 million paying subscribers.

The expected annual turnover of The Walt Disney Company may turn out to be higher than analysts thought. The American media group expects an increase of 36 percent to 20.86 billion dollars (converted 18.9 billion euros), where analysts predicted 20.76 billion.

In the first quarter, The Walt Disney Company posted a net profit of $ 2.1 billion. At $ 1.53 per share, earnings per share were 7 cents higher than analysts had expected.

The film studio has tripled its operating profit to nearly $ 950 million. Casketists like Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King and Frozen 2 are mentioned by analysts as reasons for the success.