In the same week that the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing had to announce that the Boeing 737 MAX will not be flying for the time being, the newest aircraft, the Boeing 777X, was launched for the first time on a test flight on Saturday.

This is the first new device that Boeing has shown to the world since the launch of the 737 MAX. That aircraft has been on the ground worldwide since March last year after two aircraft of the type crashed and all passengers were killed.

The new 777 is the largest aircraft in the world with two engines; the A80 from Airbus and the 747 from Boeing are larger, but these have four engines. Twin-engine units are more economical and emit less.

The first will be delivered in 2021

In November 2013, Boeing announced that the new device would come on the market. Production started in 2017. If the test program goes well, the first will be delivered to a customer in 2021.

In addition to being one of the largest aircraft, it is also one of the most expensive aircraft with a catalog value of $ 410 million (approximately $ 372 million) for the smallest variant, the 777-8 and $ 442 million for the slightly larger 777-9. This has room for 426 passengers, the smaller for 384 travelers.