German shipbuilder German Naval Yards (GNY) is going to court for a billion-dollar order for the construction of new naval frigates, writes German business newspaper Handelsblatt on Monday. The contract for the construction of frigates went to the Dutch shipbuilder Damen last week, but GNY wants the court to declare the contract invalid.

Shipbuilder Damen is going to build a total of four navy frigates of the Mehrzweckkampfschiff 180 (MKS 180) type for the German Ministry of Defense. Possibly that number will be expanded later with two more frigates. According to the business newspaper, the shipbuilder from Gorinchem will receive around 6 billion euros for the construction of the ships.

German Naval Yards wants that deal to be canceled because the German Ministry of Defense would have mistakenly passed the company. The Ministry made a total of seven thousand demands on shipbuilders. Handelsblatt writes that Damen's first bid was less watertight than GNY's.

After intensive consultation with the Ministry, the problems with Damen's bid would have been resolved, but GNY could not meet ten requirements. The German Ministry eventually chose Damen, because only this shipbuilder could meet all requirements. The German shipbuilder, who calls the ten remaining requirements as "not decisive", is wrong.