The public prosecutor's office in Braunschweig has indicted six other managers of the car manufacturer Volkswagen because of the diesel scandal. The investigative authority announced that the executives at that time below the executive board were accused of fraud in a particularly serious case, indirect false certification and tax evasion. The accused are largely responsible for the fact that between November 2006 and September 2015, authorities and customers in Europe and the United States were misled by inadmissible software about the actual exhaust gas values ​​of diesel cars.

The public prosecutor charged three of the accused with acts of perpetration, and three other executives were accused of being assisted. The public prosecutor did not say who the individual is and whether the suspects are still working at VW. VW declined to comment. The indictment was not before the company, it said. A spokesman also pointed out that they were individuals.

In April of last year, the investigators had charged the former CEO Martin Winterkorn and four other people with fraud and unfair competition. Refurbishing the millionfold exhaust gas fraud has already cost Volkswagen more than 30 billion euros. The company first admitted manipulations of the exhaust gas values ​​of diesel cars in September 2015 after studies in the USA. The software of certain engines was set so that in actual operation on the road significantly more toxic nitrogen oxides were emitted than in the test.