With a total value of more than 86 billion dollars (77.4 billion euros), car manufacturer Tesla is the most valuable American car brand of all time.

The shares of Tesla have skyrocketed on the US stock market recently.

Market experts currently estimate Tesla's share to be higher than Ford's total value in 1999, which, according to figures from the Center for Research in Security, amounted to around $ 76 billion, making it the previous record holder.

In total, the company of founder Elon Musk sold nearly 367 thousand copies in 2019, an increase of around 50 percent.

General Motors (GM) sold nearly three million cars in the US alone. Nevertheless, Tesla's share is estimated to be many times higher than better-selling competitors such as GM and Ford.

Tesla is currently one of the fastest growing car manufacturers. This explains in part the great confidence of investors in the producer of electric cars.

Toyota is currently the most valuable car producer in the world. The total value of the Japanese company is estimated at around 205 billion euros.