Siemens has announced that it will decide by Monday whether the order to supply a train signal system for a coal mine in Australia will be executed. That's what CEO Joe Kaeser said in Berlin after talking to Fridays for Future activist Luisa Neubauer. The coal mine in Australia planned by the Indian industrial group Adani is to become one of the largest in the world, and the German group is involved in its creation.

There are different interests, from shareholders, customers and also society, said Kaeser. Siemens must recognize earlier if the group is involved in critical projects.

The project is also increasingly criticized for the fires in Australia. Organizations like Fridays for Future (FFF) have asked Siemens to get out of the project. Kaeser had invited Neubauer, the face of FFF in Germany, to a conversation.

Kaeser said he had offered Neubauer a seat on a supervisory board in the new Siemens Energy company. "I want young people to be able to participate actively." He supports Fridays for Future.

Neubauer wants to think about it. At first, she did not speak to journalists about the conversation with Kaeser.