Chocolate paste for babies from producer Kleine Kleine has received the Gouden Windei for the most misleading product of 2019, food watchdog foodwatch reports Monday. The organic chocolate spread, which according to the maker of organic products is "good for your little one", is full of sugar and according to food watch is therefore anything but good for babies.

69% of the chocolate spread for babies consists of sugars and fat. The Nutrition Center advises parents not to give this product to their babies. Especially the claim that the product is suitable for children "from eight months" is according to foodwatch disturbing. According to the Netherlands Nutrition Center, this puts parents on the wrong track.

Second in the election are the 'seasonal vegetables' from Albert Heijn. Albert Heijn recommended asparagus from Peru and green beans from Egypt as seasonal vegetables. The supermarket chain acknowledged the mistake in early December and promised to stop promoting vegetables from other continents as seasonal vegetables. After this, the number of votes dropped drastically and the seasonal vegetables were just overtaken by the chocolate spread.

A vote was also taken on Albert Heijn's goat cheese spread, which mainly contains cow cheese. Fifth place was the matcha- icetea from Lipton, which contains only 0.007 percent matcha (green tea). The Bongo brand peanut butter finished in seventh place, approximately half of which consists of peanuts and contains a lot of sugar and palm fat.

Last year the Golden Wind egg was awarded to Coca-Cola. According to the food watchdog, the 'smart water' of the manufacturer was simply expensive water.

The election was set up ten years ago by the organization as a protest against marketing wings and false claims on packaging.