The director of the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP) Kim Putters is according to the Volkskrant the most influential Dutchman. The newspaper reports this Saturday on the occasion of the fourteenth Volkskrant Top 200, in which it annually examines the network and the position of influence of Dutch administrators.

Putters is taking Feike Sijbesma off the throne. Sijbesma was chairman of the board of multinational DSM, but recently announced that he will step down and is now in second place at the top.

SCP top executive Putters was a senator for the PvdA until 2013 and is also a director of the Orange Fund and crown member of the Social and Economic Council.

For the first time there is a woman in the top three of the list, namely Herna Verhagen. Verhagen is chairman of PostNL's board and a supervisory director at ING. The Top 200 has 65 women this year, five more than last year.

Eleven people on the list have a non-Western background, two more than last year. One of them is the Moroccan-Dutch Hassan Outaklla, adviser to King Willem-Alexander.