Minister Arie Slob (Media) has asked BNNVARA and NTR broadcasters for clarification because of the increased costs of the College Tour program. Since Matthijs van Nieuwkerk presents that, the program has become 42.7 percent more expensive, according to a report from the Court of Audit this week.

That report reveals a different cost bill than the broadcasters had outlined to the House in April, a spokesperson on behalf of the minister confirmed after reporting by De Telegraaf .

"There would be a slight increase in costs, but that now appears to be 42.7 percent. We are now investigating what exactly was said then and where those extra costs come from," says a spokesperson.

Van Nieuwkerk demanded that the Medialane production house would do the production of the program when he took office. He is paid by the company as a format developer, which means that he can earn more than the remuneration standard for presenters at public service broadcasters. It is possible that the costs have increased as a result.

Floortje to the end of the World became 41.5 percent more expensive

Minister Slob announced last June that such salary constructions are being examined, so that presenters do not earn extra on a program by also earning money on its production.

A similar construction can be found at Floortje to the End of the World , the travel program of Floortje Dessing, the costs of which increased by 41.5 percent in 2018 compared to 2016, while the number of viewers fell from 2.2 to 1, 7 million.