KLM will send passengers a payment request via WhatsApp for their share in the CO2 emissions of the aircraft, the airline said on Thursday. The trial with the so-called 'CO2 Tikkie' will start next year.

The payment requests will not be sent to all customers of the company. Only KLM customers who are in contact with the airline via WhatsApp will receive the payment requests.

The airline starts the test because more and more passengers want to compensate for the CO2 emissions of a flight: KLM's own research shows that just under 39 percent intend to do so next year. That is considerably more than this year: back then only 0.25 percent of KLM passengers did that - around 88,000 passengers.

With a payment request via WhatsApp, KLM hopes that it will become easier for passengers to compensate for CO2 emissions. Now that is only possible when you book an airline ticket with the airline itself. The first payment requests must be sent before the summer of 2020.