Lufthansa is rebuilding its board of directors and separating from Labor Director Bettina Volkens. She was in the company for six years, the separation at the end of the year was by mutual agreement, according to the company. Their duties are taken over by Michael Niggemann, previously CFO of Swiss subsidiary.

Volkens should be stumbled in particular on the meantime escalated tariff conflict with the cabin union UFO. Together with its ex-chairman Nicoley Baublies Volkens had presented after a two-day strike at the core brand Lufthansa, a comprehensive conciliation agreement, which was cashed a few days later by the company but again.

The negotiations with the flight attendants has meanwhile taken over management board Detlef Kayser. A conciliation agreement is still pending. Ufo has invited Lufthansa and its appointed arbitrator Frank-J├╝rgen Weise to a top meeting with the other arbitrator Matthias Platzeck on 10 December. If there is no solution, further strikes are possible before Christmas, Baublies said.

A woman on the board

The only woman in the newly formed and expanded to a post board is the former boss of the Belgian subsidiary Brussels Airlines, Christina Foerster. Among other things, she is to work on marketing as well as social and climate policy aspects. The former consultant started at Lufthansa in 2002 as a project manager. "We are establishing responsibility for the environment and society for the first time at the board level," explained Supervisory Board Chairman Karl-Ludwig Kley.