The Economic Institute for Construction (EIB) expects that the government will by no means deliver on the promise of 75,000 newly built homes in 2020. The institute expects that 'only' 60,000 homes will be built in 2020, 20 percent less than the intended number. Construction production will be even lower in 2021, predicts the EIB in the Volkskrant on Wednesday.

The EIB expects housing to be lower due to a drop in the number of building permits issued and because more construction projects have been shut down and postponed due to the PAS and PFAS problems.

Since June, the number of building permits issued has fallen sharply and their effect will affect construction in 2020. "There is on average half a year between granting a building permit and the first shovel that goes into the ground," explained EIB director Taco van Hoek earlier this week to

The construction sector will also be bothered by this problem in 2021. Then the economic institute expects that fewer new-build homes will be built with 55,000 units.

Only from 2022 onwards does the EIB expect an increase in the number of newly built houses built. Production will then increase again because previously delayed projects will come loose again and the demand for housing will remain high, the institute expects.