The top of the tax authorities have stopped the childcare allowance of people for years, while they knew that people were entitled to it. This is evident from documents from the Ministry of Finance, requested by Trouw and RTL Nieuws .

Menno Snel, State Secretary for Finance, said on Friday that he had no indications that official crimes had been committed at the Tax Authorities. The top of the Tax and Customs Administration was aware of the state of affairs regarding the allowance affair, according to Snel.

The documents requested show that the Combination Team Approach Facilitators (CAF), a team of the tax authorities that deals with detecting fraud with childcare allowance, intentionally stopped the allowances.

"Blokpoel really wants to close everything, including surcharges, even if they are probably good", can be read in a document that has been made public by the Ministry of Finance. Hans Blokpoel was then general manager of the tax authorities and responsible for the CAF team. Peter Veld, Director General of the Tax Authorities, is also aware of this, the documents show.

In the documents you can read that in 2014 the Tax Authorities were already aware of massive unjustified shutdowns at the Tax Authorities. In four out of five cases the CAF acts correctly, but in the remaining 20 percent people are duped who are entitled to an allowance. "How do we include politics in this?", The requested documents state.

Hundreds of families incorrectly received no childcare allowance

This case concerns families from the Eindhoven region. They sat at a childminder agency about which the GGD received signals in 2011 that fraud had been committed.

Later this turned out not to be the case, but based on the first information the tax authorities stopped childcare allowance. Previously paid surcharges had to be reimbursed. In some cases, this involved tens of thousands of euros. As a result, many victims were faced with financial problems.

To still claim the allowance, parents had to come up with a lot of evidence. However, it was sometimes unclear what evidence they had to submit.

Donner: Parents should receive generous compensation

The victims must now be generously compensated for the improperly discontinued allowances, concluded a committee headed by Piet Hein Donner on Thursday.

According to the committee, not only all costs incurred by the parents must be compensated, but also the non-material damage. For example, families receive 500 euros per parent for every six months since the childcare allowance is stopped and reclaimed. The amount deducted applies as a maximum. The families are also entitled to 25 percent of that amount as compensation.