Due to the worldwide growth of data traffic, energy consumption will increase considerably, according to a study by ING's economic agency on Wednesday. If no steps are taken, by 2030 31 percent of the world's total energy consumption will be devoted to data traffic.

Researchers at ING estimate that the global data flows in 2030 will be 20 times greater than in 2018. This is partly because the number of internet users in Asia and Africa is increasing rapidly, companies are collecting more data and the use of cloud services is increasing.

This will have consequences for energy consumption. If, among other things, networks and data centers do not become more efficient in their power consumption, the power consumption of data can grow to 31 percent in 2030. But ING states that if this efficiency improvement is made, power consumption will 'only' double; by 2030, about 6 percent of global power consumption will be devoted to data, now it is 3 percent.

The sector can take these steps by, for example, deploying more efficient equipment and phasing out older generations of mobile networks.