8,500 families with a joint debt of 160 million euros due to overpaid allowances, will be given a break when repaying their debt. State Secretary Menno Snel (Finance) writes that to the House of Representatives.

According to the Tax Authorities, these people have intentionally applied for too many allowances. The tax authorities had therefore initiated compulsory collection, such as wage seizure and collection of goods.

Now the State Secretary writes to the House that he uses "the pause button" for those households that have intentionally applied for too much allowance. The fraud of these households must first be investigated better. No collection interest will be charged during the break, according to Snel.

Hard and complex

Stopping surcharges and hard recovery measures went seriously wrong earlier this year. Households were incorrectly classified as fraudsters and allowances were recovered with a firm hand.

Snel called this course "harsh". He therefore wants to amend the Supplementary Benefits Act, which is applied here, over time.

On Friday, it was announced that more than half of the allowances must be corrected afterwards, partly because their application is so complex.