Patrick Scholtze, the former creative director of Talpa who fell into disgrace with John de Mol in 2017, is not entitled to 1 million euros in severance pay. The Leeuwarden Court of Appeal stopped this week by an earlier ruling by the subdistrict court judge on the amount.

In March, the subdistrict court ruled that Scholtze was entitled to an "equitable remuneration" of 1,026,449.09 euros.

Scholtze was thrown out in 2017 by De Mol. It was the start of a long struggle between the two. Scholtze was able to enforce through the courts that he could return to the company and receive two more bonuses totaling 850,000 euros. In the end, he is now at the short end.

According to the Court of Appeal, Talpa did not act culpably after the first suspension and the severance payment did not have to be paid. Scholtze has to pay back a total of 492,696 euros to Talpa.