The founders of supermarket chain Marqt have to sell their shares to Udea, the parent company of the sustainable supermarket chain Ekoplaza. The Amsterdam court decided that on Thursday.

Last week it was announced that a majority of Marqt's shareholders had agreed to an agreement with Udea. Founder Quirijn Bolle, who owns around 30 percent of the Marqt shares, challenged the acquisition because he wanted to buy the supermarket himself with the support of an as yet unknown external party.

The Marqt founder wanted extra time to make an offer with the external party, but the judge did not agree with this. The judge finds that Bolle and his unknown financier have had sufficient time to come up with an offer.

Other shareholders, including Triodos, have already agreed to the acquisition. It is not known how much Udea pays for the shares of Marqt. The acquisition is not yet complete, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) must also give the green light.

After the sale, Marqt wants to focus on smaller food and beverage stores. In the first instance, ten to twelve profitable stores are envisaged. It was previously announced that Marqt will close the larger branches.