Through the Dutch Venture Initiative (DVI) investment vehicle, the Dutch State has invested money in, among other things, the beer brewer Jopen in Haarlem and lingerie by clothing designer Marlies Dekkers. This is evident from an overview of the investments of DVI, in the hands of Het Financieele Dagblad ( FD ).

The investment vehicle, which was set up in 2013 to support fast-growing companies financially after the economic crisis, also invested in television production company Tuvalu, mortgage adviser Ikbenfrits, meal company Eet ease and ticket seller Tiqets.

The fund, which contains a total of around 400 million euros, is partly filled by the European Union. It is not known exactly how much of this goes to companies such as Jopen and Marlies Dekkers Lingerie. According to FD , the DVI invests an average of 700,000 euros per company.

Since the fund was created, 218 companies have been able to use the SRI. The business newspaper writes that the majority of this goes to medical companies and high-tech companies.

Two years ago, the DVI became discredited when the FD reported that a majority of the investment vehicle's investments ended up abroad. What that ratio is now is unknown.