In Andermans Zaken Thomas Moerman and Lisa Peters put their nose into other people's affairs. In that of well-known Dutch entrepreneurs. With this week: Roland Kahn, the owner of America Today and MS Mode and also the founder of - oh, the nostalgia - CoolCat.

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Kahn explains what it is like if your company goes bankrupt and you buy it back yourself, which means that the quality of HEMA underpants has deteriorated (and where you have to purchase them) and what is actually more important: your money or your life?

About Andermans Affairs

Andermans Affairs is the podcast in which Thomas Moerman and Lisa Peters put their nose to the trade and walk of famous Dutch entrepreneurs.

They talk about what it's like to be the boss. They also tell about when they were awake at night and thought: what the hell have I started? But especially about why one company is a fall exercise and the other a success story.